State Takes Over Kaizer Zulu Case

State Takes Over Kaizer Zulu Case.

The State has insisted on prosecuting President Edgar Lungu’s advisor Kaizer Zulu in a matter where he allegedly failed to exercise precaution against possible injury when he fired a loaded revolver at Enoch Kavindele Jr in a hotel parking lot last month.

In this case, Kaizer Zulu is said to have on September 16, at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel, threatened Enoch and his brother, Kaunda, by discharging a firearm at them arising from a bar brawl.

It was initially alleged that Zulu on the material day in Lusaka, jointly, knowingly and willfully discharged a loaded firearm, namely a revolver Taurus, serial number FP582494 with intent to cause alarm to Enoch.

The second count was that Zulu, whilst handling a loaded firearm, namely a revolver Taurus, serial number FP582494 allegedly failed to take reasonable or proper precautions against possible injury to Enoch or damage to his property.

Magistrate Mikalile in her ruling on Enoch’s withdrawal application directed that the reconciliation between the parties would only be allowed in respect of the first count of threatening violence.

However, state prosecutors submitted that going by the nature of the offence that Kaizer Zulu was charged with, the case depended upon the state and that it could proceed even without Enoch as a complainant.

“The state has been disarmed by the court’s ruling in count one [of threatening violence], but in respect to count two, we wish the matter to be adjourned to October 12,” the prosecution applied.

Magistrate Mikalile adjourned the matter to Monday for the continuation of the trial.

Source: Post Zambia