State House Moves 67 Workers

By Mwape Mbwelela

STATE House, through permanent secretary Christa Kalulu, has moved 67 workers from different departments and has asked Cabinet Office to redeploy them.

The workers talked to say most of those affected were either Tonga or Lozi and were being replaced by new faces who had not been vetted and without experience to work at sensitive institutions such as State House.
Another worker said they were not surprised by the decision to move them from State House “because of the activities happening there”.
“There are so many Ugandans who are having these meeting with the boss and they are basically working there. If you check the records, you will see how they are [frequently] going to State House. We don’t know what they are scheming now because the elections are over, but that’s why they didn’t want us to see what’s going on inside,” the worker said.

Other State House sources have disclosed that President Edgar Lungu’s principal private secretary Francis Chalabesa is, however, unhappy with Kalulu’s decision to move the 67 workers.
“Even ba Chalabesa who has worked here for so many years is shocked. He has never seen anything like this, he has tried to consult with others like [political advisor] Kaizar [Zulu] and even him is not for the idea.
Everyone is wondering where the PS has gotten this power from,” said the source.
And another source at Cabinet Office said the stranded workers besieged their offices last Tuesday demanding answers.
The source said the workers were told that Cabinet Office did have anywhere to take them but was trying to negotiate with State House to send them back.

“Where are we going to take all these people? It is not an easy thing; you can’t just wake and say ‘find space for these people’, and when you look at the number, it is huge. If they were two or three, may be there we could have managed, not 67,” said the Cabinet source.