Slap D Vs Ruff Kid Beef

Slap D Vs Ruff Kid Beef

The self proclaimed XYZ chief aka Oga at the top ‘Slap D’ has been locked up in a bitter music spat with his protégé turned nemesis Ruff Kid in recent weeks with both artists firing shots at each other from the studio.

The conflict came about when Ruff Kid publicly took shots at his former boss in his 2014 single ‘Umunandi’ when he bitterly complained about Slap D, born Mwila Musonda of abandoning him when times were hard for the ‘Nikamisiya’ hit maker.

But the misunderstanding between the two old buddies then quickly escalated into the unruly mess currently playing out with both men washing dirty linen in public with their differences.

The two have now reinvented the music beef that became notorious and divided a legion of music fans in Lusaka and on the Copperbelt when Slap D and another music maestro Macky II relentlessly took aims at each other. The beef was later squashed although there is talk it may just erupt again with Ruff Kid now hanging out with Macky II and his newfound mates at Alpha Entertainment.

In his latest cover song which purportedly features Nigerian mega star Wizkid, Slap D has no kind words for Ruff Kidd and goes on to call him a ‘Short Nigga’ in reference to Ruff Kid’s diminutive figure.

“My short Niga tryna diss me now, all the years that I raised him to Mr. Brown, when times was rough, who you gon run to now?” Slap D rhymes.

But Ruff Kid is having none of that, last evening, he took to Facebook and warned the XYZ CEO to stop digging as he was in a hole.

“Something about hip hop is when you in a hole stop digging. Someone has to take the shovel off Slap D’s hand.” He claimed.

We are closely observing this tantalizing show of events as the drama unfolds with popcorns on our fingertips.