Sex shouldn’t be used as a source of income – ZNWL

Sex shouldn’t be used as a source of income – ZNWL

By Prosper Miyoba

ZAMBIA National Women’s Lobby says there is need to empower women in the country to contain the reported high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate among them.

And the lobby group says sex should not be used as a source of income among women.

According to the findings of the Zambia Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (ZAMPHIA) household-based national survey funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) conducted between March and August last year, HIV prevalence peaks at 30.5 percent among females aged 40 to 45 years, as compared to 24.3 percent among males aged 45 to 49.

The HIV prevalence among 20 to 24- year-olds is four times as high among females (8.6 percent) than males (2.1percent).

In an interview, ZNWL board chairperson Beauty Katebe said it would be helpful to women if they were empowered because being involved in different developmental activities would keep them busy.

“Sexual intercourse cannot be used as a means of getting money or any other urgent need; there are many ways to do that which starts with self discipline and empowerment,” Katebe said. “It’s high time women got involved in self-empowering activities that can keep them busy to avoid being found in tempting situations that lead to sexual intercourse. This can be necessitated by the government efforts by empowering more women so that they could be protected.”

She said women should not allow men to take advantage of their desperate situation but instead report such cases to relevant organisations and the police if the levels of HIV infections in women were to be reduced.

“Women must not remain silent when they are taken advantage of due to financial constraints or any other need. There are a number of organisations that look into the plight of women such as the women’s lobby, among others, that can provide remedies and other solutions to women in need,” said Katebe.