Seven Time Mr. Zambia Can’t Be Stopped

Seven Time Mr. Zambia Can’t Be Stopped

Seven –Time Mr. Zambia Sylvester Mwila says he is unstoppable and has vowed to hold on to the title until he can’t compete anymore.

Mwila beat 11 other contestants to retain the Mr Zambia bodybuilding title at a contest held at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka on Friday night.

Mwila walked away with K16, 000 after winning the overall title and received another K4, 000 for winning the best heavyweight category.

“I knew I was going to win, it was fun for me. The guys this time improved. Next time I need to work harder. I trained hard and I have an advantage, I’m tall and I come ripped with even size. So I’m unstoppable,” Mwila said.

He, however noted that there was still need to improve the sport in the country.

He also said he needed more finances and food supplements to compete better at international level.

“Definitely its finances, supplements, all that (which I need). I’m leaving for Arnold Classic (tournament) n February to be staged in South Africa,” he said.