Schools shouldn’t be sex dens – FDD

Schools shouldn’t be sex dens – FDD

By Mast Reporter

ANTONIO Mwanza says schools should be centres of knowledge and excellence and not dens of fornication and child pornography.

Mwanza, the FDD spokesperson, said the Ministry of Education had been conducting workshops in schools across the country where the institutions were told to be distributing condoms and contraceptives to pupils and to ensure that teachers included sex education in their lessons.

He lamented that society was giving up on its children because of the dependence on donor funding.

“These ideas are not coming from us as Zambians, these ideas are coming from the donors who fund our education budget and they are the ones who are even supplying us with the same condoms and contraceptive pills. And that is a danger of having a country that is failing to stand on its own because then you start feeding on a culture of the person who is paying your bills,” Mwanza said in an interview.

“Now the challenge is our role as parents and teachers is to inculcate good morals and to punish bad behavior, not to reward it; not to say ‘if a child is drinking tujilijili, then what I’ll do as a parent is I won’t tell him that tujilijili is wrong, so I will be buying lagers and wines, which are better off than tujilijili, to stop him from drinking tujilijili’. It can’t go like that. The young child today is being brought up in an environment where he doesn’t have to take responsibility or even to fear anything; it is allowed, you can have sex, your father will give you a condom, you can have sex outside marriage, you mother will give you a contraceptive pill. We are powerless and we are giving our country to the donor community, the ones who are giving us money. We are being recolonised mentally.”

He said sexual gymnastics for school going children were immoral, illicit and should be condemned and not rewarded.

“Giving contraceptives to children is actually encouraging them and essentially giving them a go-ahead to ‘do each other’. By giving them contraceptive pills and condoms, one is actually telling the kids that ‘you are free to have illicit sex, just use condoms and contraceptive pills’. Such a policy does not inculcate good morals in children; it to the contrary encourages them to engage in sexual intercourse,” Mwanza said.

“Children should be taught morals and punished for immoral behaviour. They should not be rewarded nor patted on the back for doing what is morally and spiritually wrong. You cannot fight teen pregnancy by dishing out condoms and contraceptive pills to kids. By doing so, you are actually sending a simple message to them: ‘Kids you are free; go doda yourselves, after all you can’t impregnate or get pregnant, you have contraceptives’. Schools should be centres of knowledge and excellence and not dens of fornication and child pornography.”

He said schools must be there to teach children morals and to inculcate responsible and good behaviour and not to encourage and reward bad behaviour.

Mwanza wondered why people had decided to abandon their culture and biblical instructions and decided to reward and abet sexual immorality in children.

“Why should teachers be forced to abdicate their treasured role as role models and be made to be pimps, pimping little children? This is exactly what happens when you fail as a nation to raise your own revenue and instead become dependents of other imperialist nations. They finance your budgets, they give you the so-called aid but they take away your mind, your culture and your rights. Soon and very soon, they will be telling us to tell our children to freely engage in homosexuality and they will be calling it sexual orientation, a right. How can sin be a right?” asked Mwanza.

“These muzungus we are getting aid from are very clever, they know that the easiest way to control our nations is by stealing the mind, culture and moral fibre of our youths. Let the poor countries produce morally corrupt dimwits who are reckless, irresponsible and spineless youths who have neither a conscience nor a sense of responsibility towards themselves and the rest of society; a generation, which is ready to do anything for a dollar; a generation that can sell it’s own soul, sell it’s land, sell it’s rights for a dollar.”