Satanism In Zambia Exposed

Satanism In Zambia Exposed.

I know most of you won’t believe me or anything you will read and I truly understand but let those who have ears hear.

I was born in Mpika in a family of 14 and poverty was all I knew until the day I was sent to Lwitikila Girls Secondary School where I joined Satanism. I wont dwell much on how I was initiated because this article is mainly to expose Satanism in Zambia.

I thank the Almighty God that I was delivered and my main purpose is to expose the devil’s acts and help convert many souls to Christianity.

I got initiated into Satanism when I was in grade 10 in 2009 and during those dark days I worked my way up the ranks and became one of the most feared underground devil worshiper and I was in charge of all satanic activities in Zambia.

Many Zambians live in extreme poverty and poverty is one’s weakness. A lot of people are willing to do anything to avoid poverty, even selling their soul to the devil.

Zambian music is also now being used by Satan to convert Zambians into Satanism. I am sure most of you have seen Slap D’s video somone. Videos like Somone are used by Satanists to initiate unsuspecting people into blind Satanism. If you have seen Somone video you can see that Mumba Yachi is fighting and trying to be free from demonic spirits. That video is pure Satanic and so far many Zambian youths have been blindly initiated into Satanism after watching it.

Satanists in Zambia are now also using Churches to manipulate people. Many churches in Kitwe are run by Satanists who pretend to be pastors and churchmen and women. Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo who recently passed away in a road accident was a Satanist who used Satanism to perform various miracles. Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo later denounced Satanism and tried to leave the dark world but he was successfully killed by other Satanists who had been given a mission to terminate him because he was no longer part of the occult world.

The satanic world is very upset with President Lungu because he is a devoted man of God who wants Zambia to be guided by the Holy Spirit and when President Lungu pronounced 18 October as a national day of prayer, pandemonium and chaos struck the satanic realm of Zambia. The Satanist Association of Zambia since then has manifested hardship amongst Zambia’s to punish President Lungu because of his actions as a result the Zambian economy will even perform worse than it is and more hunger will flourish in Zambia.

When hunger and poverty is rampart many people will become gullible and it will be easy to convert them into Satanism. Young girls will be used as agents of sex like Kachanana all in the name of promoting promiscuity and infidelity.

This is all I had to say to you for now, pray for me because the Satanist Association of Zambia wont rest until am dead like Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo. Stay strong and turn to the Lord, be steadfast and only look up to Jesus Christ as your personal savior.