Sarkodie – New Guy ft. Ace Hood Review

Hey Zedians!! Today i am doing Sarkodie – New Guy ft. Ace Hood Review.

Its been a long time coming, it seems West africans are really penetrating America with their music. Well, we are all Africans so literally it’s our music. Coming in as a shocker, Sarkodie a native of Ghana has outworked every African emcee thus far on his brand new piece of art with features Ace Hood. Sarkodie has been very consistent in his career as he always manages to stay a trending topic across the Motherland and beyond.

Lets talk about the video and the song. New Guy is the title of Sarkodie’s new song. In his amazing metaphorical way of splicing up lyrics he talks of how he has been rapping from way back since 1997 in the African slumps. He claims his the new guy who everyone should look out for , he is literally marking his territory in the Rap industry. Acehood jumps on the second verse and brings chaos and pandemonium as he crucifies the beat .

The video is of an indoor setup where a bunch of African buff guys are seen doing some Vodoo type of stuff which we all expected, I mean even though Rap is generically American , Sarkodie had to represent Africans to some degree. I wouldn’t have expected much from the video because it is more about the content of the song not the visuals.

So Sarkodie – New Guy ft. Ace Hood is a hit. I give it a 9 out of 10.