Roan PF, residents turn up for Kambwili

Roan PF, residents turn up for Kambwili

By Mwape Mbwelela

ROAN Patriotic Front member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili on Tuesday received a thunderous welcome when he visited his constituency.

The former information minister, who took the back of his blue Ford Ranger, registration number CK200, was received with cheers and praises from Roan residents and PF members.
Kambwili briefly went round the constituency waving at the people before he went to his residence.

Asked about the welcome, Kambwili said he was just visiting his people and there was nothing sinister about it.

“There was nothing, I was just visiting the constituency. They just welcomed me, they were happy to see me, that’s all. People in my constituency follow me each time I go there,” Kambwili, who recently appeared before the PF disciplinary committee for alleged gross misconduct, said.

The Roan lawmaker has fallen out favour with President Edgar Lungu on account of suspected corruption.

Following his dismissal from government, Kambwili has been critical and challenging the government on various issues pertaining to governance.

Kambwili has also vowed to protect the PF from being taken over by hijackers from the MMD, although President Lungu says those who were not comfortable with what was happening in the ruling party should move out and form their own parties.

Other founder members of the PF who have voiced concerns over the taking up of senior party positions by MMD members include Michael Sata’s confidant Dr Guy Scott, Mwenya Musenge and Colonel Gerry Chanda.