Return Of Confiscated Vehicles Cheers MMD East

Return Of Confiscated Vehicles Cheers MMD East

On behalf of Eastern province MMD and on behalf of all party structures nationwide, we would like to register our joy and satisfaction at the news of the return of our 101 party vehicles, which were illegally confiscated by the Patriotic Front (PF) government and caused a lot of discouragement and confusion in the party after the 2011 General elections.

We would like to salute our party President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba and the Party Secretariat for working tirelessly to have the vehicles returned to us the rightful owners. This has been a great morale booster and shall enable us re-organize the party in readiness for the 2016 elections.

It is common knowledge that the confiscation of the vehicles was part of a larger carefully crafted evil scheme by the PF government, driven by then PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba under instructions from former President Michael Sata who was hell-bent on completely destroying the MMD.

Dr. Mumba is a sober, calm and skilled diplomat and negotiator and through his quiet diplomacy has caused the authorities, as well as the PF to see reason that the MMD was unfairly and unjustly treated just to cripple the party.

Dr. Mumba has demonstrated exceptional, courageous and distinguished leadership through the many trials and tribulations that the MMD has gone through after the PF came to power. He has stood firm and has preached against Stone Age politics of violence, insults, mud-slinging and character assassination and instead advocated for issue-based modern politics of reasoning, embracing morality and integrity.

If other parties were in a similar position, they would have easily resorted to violence using pangas, stones, knives and even firearms to get the vehicles back, but all parties can learn from our peaceful methods and Zambians can have hope that under MMD they can live in peace and harmony.

We take this opportunity to alert the MMD leadership and the nation that it is true that MMD Lunte MP Felix Mutati has been to the province under cover to talk especially to expelled members so as to buy their support in pushing for a premature and illegal convention to support his bid to take over the presidency of the MMD.

We would like to warn Mr. Mutati that we, the genuine MMD members who endured the hardships that the party has been through with our president, will not allow him to continue the confusion he started when he openly campaigned for United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema and abandoned his own party.

Mr Mutati caused great damage to the MMD in the same way former President Rupiah Banda did here in Eastern province. This left us in pieces to face the January 2015 Presidential election just a few weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that Dr Mumba was the genuine MMD Presidential candidate.

We urge the entire MMD leadership and structures countrywide  never to trust Mr Mutati and Mr Banda ever again as they have shown that they are wolves in sheepskins with no genuine love for the MMD.

Jacob Mwanza
Eastern Province Chairman

Confiscated Vehicles Cheers MMD
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