Retrenched Kitwe Miner Loses K15, 000 To Prostitute

Retrenched Kitwe Miner Loses K15, 000 To Prostitute.

Retrenched miners on the Copperbelt yesterday started receiving their K18, 000 repatriation packages.

And in Kitwe, Miners filled up town as they waited to be credited their dues at the ZAM post main building.

Faces of joy terrorized town as many Miners went on spending sprees.

Kitwe Sex workers were not off the radar as they knew it was times like these that one could make the most money. It was also reported that sex workers from neighboring towns yesterday paid a surprise visit to Kitwe after news spread that the ex miners were now loaded with cash.

Unfortunately for one Ex Miner the story hasn’t ended well.

Steven Kolala, a former Mopani Copper Mine employee has cried foul after a colossal sum of K15 000 got stolen from him by a named sex worker he hired to perform some sexual activities with.

Zed Corner this morning reached out to Kolala in an attempt to hear the news from the source and this is what he said.

“Just like any other Miner, I received my retrenchment package in the afternoon and I decided to relax a little so I went to a local bar. I drank a few Jameson bottles and the alcohol started to kick in.

I later got out of control and I ended up buying every one beer in the bar. I bought beer for everyone including people who were drinking in the next bar. And around Midnight I had totally forgotten about my family back home.

I later decided to end the night with a bang after I felt horny. I picked one hot zayelo and we headed to a guesthouse. On our way to the guesthouse she told me to buy more beer so that we can continue drinking at the guesthouse.

Upon arrival at the guest house she performed oral sex on me and later told me that she needed more alcohol in the system if we were to have sex. We started drinking and drinking and after a while I blacked out .

When I woke up this morning I found myself alone in the room. I panicked and searched for the bag I had put all my money in and it wasn’t there. I looked under the bed but zero, nothing was there. My wallet and trouser were also missing. I only had boxers and a shirt left. Iyi Ule yamupamba [This damn prostitute]!

What am I now going to do? What should I do? How will I explain this to my wife and kids?” sobbed Kolala.

Meanwhile Kolala has reported the incident to Kitwe Central Police and well wishes offered him a trouser , some slippers and transport money.

Kitwe Central Police has started investigations to track down the culprit.