Radio Phoenix founder Erroll Hickey dies.

Radio Phoenix founder Erroll Hickey dies.

Errol Hickey has died after an illness.

Hickey started Radio Phoenix around 1995 in ZIMCO House where he also ran a disco on the top deck. The arrival of his station set the pace and base for the emergence of other private, commercial and community stations like Choice FM and Radio Christain Voice.

Like the mythical Phoenix bird which rose from its ashes, Radio phoenix was was twice engulfed in fires, but it was resurrected to continue broadcasting.

In 2012, Hickey announced that he was in the process of offering 66 percent shares in Zambia’s first privately-owned station, to the public. At the time, the Radio Phoenix chairman, who planned to retire after running the radio station for about 16 years, said it is important for Zambians to participate in the running of the media institution.

Hickey’s begun his media career as a photojournalist at the Times of Zambia He learnt left to establish a private photography studio called Hickey Studios.

He also co-owned a popular hungout called Mr Rooster which was on ZIMCO’s ground floor.