Profitable Business Ideas For Zambian Women

Profitable Business Ideas For Zambian Women.

I want to present powerful business ideas for Zambian women, which have huge potential. I strongly believe that some businesses can be lead better by one gender than the other. I would love to use this opportunity to inspire Zambian women with some great ideas to start a business. A venture, in which they can use their wonderful female attributes to run incredible women-inspired Zambian businesses. Here we go.

Run A Blog for Zambia/African Women
Women love to read, inform themselves, feel inspired, share their stories, and some of them love fashion, music, gossip, or celebrities. There is a huge shortage of Zambian/African inspired publications for women out there, and some of those, which are out there, are very successful. Belle Naija for example – which is currently among the top visited 6,000 websites worldwide, and the top 25 in Nigeria. It was started by the now 31-year-old Uche Eze as a time-filling hobby in 2006. During the little break she had between graduation and resumption of job. Uche began to blog to fill those boring moments.Profitable Business Ideas For Zambian Women

Being a big lover of fashion, she started by posting scanned magazine articles, pictures and interviews of Nigerian fashion personalities. She continued this under a disguised identity until she began to have over a million hits every month and decided to unveil himself before the media would expose her in a negative way. Today, Uche’s site Bella Naija counts 10 Million hits per month, she has been featured on Oprah and Forbes and runs a media company Bainstone Limited, which she formed in 2009.

Get started to fill a gap in Zambia as a writer, blogger, publicist, or content curator. Maybe you will be the owner of a successful media company one day.

Produce a Zambian Perfume or Cosmetic Range for women

The production of African manufactured high quality make-up and creams is another success path for many emerging African women entrepreneurs and almost all of those that have attracted the eye of various media outlets started mixing ingredients together in their home kitchen or salon. They have managed to build million Dollar businesses from scratch. You can read their stories here if you look for more inspiration and information on how they got these businesses started.

Become a relationship expert
Google revealed that one of the top searches among Kenyas in 2014 was relationship advice. It makes perfect sense: Africans in bigger cities have growing expectations towards love partnerships and instead of swallowing relationship problems, or consulting friends, religious leaders, or the elderly – they turn increasing to the net and to experts to find answers and support. Relationship counseling or advice is being sought after, and no-one can provide it better than a professional who has real empathy and knows the local culture, customs and habits that may contribute to a relationship problem or crisis. Honestly, there is a huge lack of Zambian advisers in the industry, both offline and online.
The global information and self-help industry on issues around romantic relationships is a billion Dollar industry alongside business, personal growth, and spiritual advice.
Think of online publications, blogs, local and offline seminars, or private counseling sessions for couples and individuals – be professional and of real value, target the higher income class in a big Zambian City, expats, and the Diaspora. Only they would pay. A good counselor easily makes $150 an hour (a top one makes way much more).
It might not be a typical Zambian thing to do quiet yet as most people would never openly seek professional help, but I believe the need and demand is there (remember it is one of Kenya’s top Google searches in 2014!)

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so whatever you will decide to do, stick to it and persevere. Now go out there, my sister, and be phenomenal.