Printing Ballot Papers In Dubai Is Guaranteed To Bring Chaos

Printing Ballot Papers In Dubai Is Guaranteed To Bring Chaos.

The Zambia Council for Social Development has warned that intentions by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to use a Dubai firm to print ballot papers for the 2016 elections will bring conflict.

In a statement, Council Executive Director Lewis Mwape said if the decision is not rescinded, the Zambian people will question the motive and this may be the source of conflicts in the electoral system.

Mr Mwape said this must not be the issue of concern by genuine opposition Political Parties alone but that the PF as one of a major player in August 11 Elections must also be concerned if the choice by ECZ is not to its advantage.

He said elections must be genuine, indisputable and fair from basic important undertakings.

“The insistence and failure by government to guide the public institution to respond to the needs and aspirations of the public will raise alot of genuine suspicions which can be avoided. To this end, we appeal to the Commission Chairperson to plan and conduct credible elections for the sake of mother Zambia,” he said.

“Leaders must never be imposed on people through corrupt electoral systems but the system must be corrupt free and trustworthy by all stakeholders including our esteemed electorates.”
Mr Mwape said, “the mandate placed upon you as ECZ Chairperson by His Excellency the president is on behalf of the people of Zambia, rather than selfish allegiance to the Head of State. We demand that both yourself as Chairperson and the one who exercise the appointing authorities on behalf of the people ACT in the interest of the people.”