President Edgar Lungu Misses Interview On BBC Africa

President Edgar Lungu Misses Interview On BBC Africa.

BBC Africa shared its disappointment via a post released on BBC Africa’s official Facebook page after President Edgar Lungu failed to show up.

“For those of you watching Focus on Africa TV expecting to see Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu, unfortunately the team was told just before going on air that he was no longer available. We’ll keep trying to speak to him and thank you for all your comments”, BBC Africa wrote.

It is hard to try to understand why and how President Lungu would forfeit such an important interview especially after the schedule was booked and confirmed. President Lungu and his publicists as of the time this post was written did not clarify why he went AWOL. As it remains many Zambians are in total shock as they continue to be under the dark cloud.

Moonga Kachema wrote, “I am a Zambian and a proud one but this is embarrassing, sometimes I feel like leaving this country because of foolish things that are happening! The president chickening out was expected. One thing that he told the people of Zambia prior to the elections is that he has no vision but people and the “system” voted for him; now look at how the economy is! He can’t even face the media!! I wonder what he would have said? Perhaps you could follow him in the nearest bar.”

Anyway! Enough said, perhaps President Lungu has a genuine reason why he couldn’t make it but until it is addressed we will keep you informed.

Zambians disappointed at Edgar Lungu for missing BBC Africa Interview Zambians Disappointed by Edgar lungu's failure to go on BBC Africa interview