Poverty Is To Blame For The Recent Ritual Killings In Zambia

Poverty Is To Blame For The Recent Ritual Killings In Zambia.

The Zambian Economy is dwindling and people have now resorted to using other means to earn a quick buck.

Unfortunately a group of traditional practitioners are instructing vulnerable desperate individuals to kill people with hopes of becoming wealthy after the rituals are done.

More than two people have fallen victim to this new trend.

Police in Lusaka on Thursday fought running battles with Zingalume residents when they went to pick up a body in the area, which had no heart, private parts and ears.

The incident happened barely a week after another body was found in the same area.

However, Lusaka Province minister Mulenga Sata says he is saddened with the increasing number of people being killed in bizarre circumstances in the city.

“It is regrettable and very unfortunate that the number of people being killed in unsuspected circumstances has kept increasing. This really is not pleasing at all and it is worrying to see people being killed like that,” Mulenga said. It is very unfortunate that people can kill others in that manner for whatever benefits but that is not good at all. And I just want to caution our public to be careful, especially at night, but it is really sad.”

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has been urged to mount security surveillance cameras around the country so that levels of criminal activity can be tracked and minimized.

Victim of a ritual killing
Victim of a ritual killing