Police’s silence over Masani shooting frightening – Milupi

Police’s silence over Masani shooting frightening – Milupi

By Mwape Mbwelela

CHARLES Milupi says the police’s silence over the shooting of a defenseless UPND cadre by assistant commissioner Bothwell Namuswa is frightening to ordinary citizens.

Milupi, the ADD president, said the unfairness on the application of the law by State police would force communities to create self-protection units.

“The Police or law enforcement officers in the land must not only be fair but be seen to be fair in order for the population to look up to them for protection. The moment they are not seen to be fair, citizens will begin to look elsewhere for protection. They will begin to create mob psychology in the nation, including the concept of warlord where small communities come up and begin to have their own self protection,” Milupi said.

“That concept of the warlord comes about when people see the unfairness of the official law protection. The man (Peter Masani) was shot and we all saw videos and pictures of that incident. It’s incredible that police can discharge live ammunition to injure citizens of a country and thereafter everyone goes quiet”.

He demanded that a commission of inquiry be set up to probe what happened and what led to the senior officer’s disregard for human life.
Milupi said the shooting of an innocent citizen who was not only unarmed but also within his right to offer solidarity to his party would result in outrage in government and the ruling party.

“In a normal country, we would have had a Commission of Inquiry set up to find out exactly what happened and ensure that those found wanting are faced with the law and the act never repeats itself,” Milupi said.

“The ammunition the police are using is bought with taxpayers’ money. Don’t forget that all locally generated money, including this budget for 2017, the greatest part is from citizens. Now to use that ammunition to kill the citizens of the nation should result in outrage, not only against government but also against the ruling party themselves. They should understand that they will be not be ruling forever.”

He said citizens had lost confidence in the police.