PF’s bad policies are the ones turning students into monsters, says ex-COBUSU secretary

PF’s bad policies are the ones turning students into monsters, says ex-COBUSU secretary

By Thulani Phiri

THE PF government’s lack of seriousness is making students become monsters and not tertiary institutions, says former Copperbelt University Students Union secretary Absalom Nkhata.
Higher education minister Professor Nkandu Luo on Friday said the Zambian education system was not churning out human beings but monsters.

“When I was at Nkrumah University last week, I was shocked with the conduct of students. They act as though they have not seen you. Why can’t students stand up and greet an elderly person? This is very unfortunate. We are not training human beings but monsters,” Prof Luo complained when Northern Technical College principal Victor Mulenga was briefing her during her tour of the institution.

“I am not happy. I don’t need to be greeted or students to stand up when talking to me simply because I am minister, no! But it’s because I am an elderly person. So we need to change our training curriculum to train human beings. At the moment, we are training monsters.”

But Nkhata said it was the bad PF policies that had resulted into the training of ‘monsters’.

“This woman surely should be serious with education. She is a professor who should understand better what challenges students are going through. The PF has killed the education system in Zambia. How can students respect her when it’s her government that is failing the education system? Lecturers’ salaries are paid late. It is the PF that is turning our students into monsters,” Nkhata said.

“She wants respect? Respect is earned and not gained. It’s up to the students to decide. If she feels so old and not respected, let her retire. In fact, that is long over due. The PF has caused a lot of misery to our students. Delays in paying meal allowances, cutting on the number of students on bursary and she wants respect? She should stop joking!”

He said the PF had abused and killed the education system in Zambia, including the students’ academic freedoms that he said had been mutilated.

“The education sector needs to be revamped. The PF has killed the sector. There is no seriousness from the PF. To me, it shows that the PF does not appreciate education. Just last week, lecturers at CBU were on a go-slow when students this week are writing exams. Is there any seriousness there? In fact, it is an insult for Professor Luo to say the Zambia education system is training monsters and not human beings. If at all she has children, where are they trained? If they do their studies outside, it’s her government that has failed,” said Nkhata.