PF Thugs Vow To Gang Rape Women Dressed In UPND Chitenge At Intercity Bus Stop

PF Thugs Vow To Gang Rape Women Dressed In UPND Chitenge At Intercity Bus Stop

Dear Zed Corner,

On 28-01-2017 at around 3PM, I went Intercity Bus Station to collect my car tyres from a Judan bus which had just arrived from South Africa.

I collected my tyres and headed towards my car with a gentleman carrying them on his wheelbarrow to where my car was parked right inside intercity bus station just by the loading area of international buses.

As I approached my car all seemed calm and normal and I opened the boot of my car, and the gentleman loaded the first two tyres in my boot and there was a UPND chitenge. My car is tinted and no way anyone could have seen anything until boot opened. It looks like some pass by saw the chitenge while my tyres where been loaded and alerted the PF cadres within the area who came charging at me. At that point we had loaded all the Four tyres, two in the boot and another two in the back seat.

I was just about to jump into my car when the mob of PF cadres started harassing me. Shouting ” we don’t allow such materials in this place. Sister Tipase chitenge icho tikalibe ku pwanya motoka. Unga Bwele kuno na Vaso. ( give us that chitenge before we break your car. You can’t come here with such) ” segula motoka tuseche kapena kuli vinagu (open your car we search it in case you have more. If you don’t open your car will burn it together with the chitenge. Suddenly I and my car was surrounded by more than twenty people or so.. waiting for me to open my car, I was so scared..So I told them I didn’t know you don’t allow pipo to come with such things. I am not even wearing it and it’s jus in my car. Now that I know I will not do it agin. Had to humble myself because I saw and sensed danger the guys were about to get violent. Tizakumenya, ( we are are going to beat you. I saw one guy almost doing just that. Just open the car.. I pleaded with them and opened the boot and gave them the chitenge. And one man said tishoka manje so.. loko ni Bima Tilibe nazo.( we don’t care even if it’s bima we shall burn it. This is PF zone.

Then the bus driver from Judan motors who brought me the tyres came and intervened and begged them to forgive me. He pleaded with them and said, she didn’t know pls let her go. I guess it’s because they respect that man after he pleaded with them that’s when the guy was was more vocal said.. usakabweze sembe sibamudala aba sembe twakumenya nashoka motoka yako..

At that point I was so traumatized and afraid of what they would do next to me. Others where still trying to force the car open.
That’s how he shielded me got into my car and left intercity very scared. And left them right there where my car had parked.

I am really shocked that even after political campaigns are over and we have a the so called”president”, law enforcement and leaders, as an ordinary citizen we can’t be protected or feel free to move with what the ruling party term illegal materials in this country.

Whatever happened to this country. I am not speaking as UPND or any other political party but as an innocent Zambian citizen found with UPND chitenge and victimized. Regardless of my political affiliation I need not feel scared to carry opposition material. What happened to democracy, freedom in his country. I am so disappointed with Lungu and his leadership this is definitely coming from the top. No way cadres can have so much power to terrorize innocent people.

If it wasn’t for that man I don’t know if I would have gotten out of that place in one piece. The gentlemen were ready to smash my car and beat me.

Shocking even women were there screaming in the loudest. It’s very sad.

Traumatised and concerned citizen.