PF suspends 2 Kabwe officials over leakage of Mwila’s ‘plots’ recording

PF suspends 2 Kabwe officials over leakage of Mwila’s ‘plots’ recording

By Golden Kunda

THE Patriotic Front has suspended its Kabwe district chairman Mulenga Chela and his secretary Bostin Mpende in connection with the leakage of a recording of Davies Mwila instructing councillors to share plots.

Mwila, during a meeting with party cadres in Kabwe last week, told councillors to share plots among PF members before they could advertise to the public.

He also told the PF cadres to take over the running of bus stations and markets like was the case in Lusaka.

Although Mwila attempted to deny his statement that has received wide condemnation, President Edgar Lungu on Wednesday held a meeting with him at State House after which a statement was issued stating that the running of bus stations and markets were a responsibility of local authorities.

However, a witch-hunt has erupted in the PF to find the one who leaked the audio and video recordings of Mwila’s meeting with party cadres in Kabwe.

Chela and Mpende have since received their suspension letters.
The duo confirmed their suspensions which they rubbished in separate interviews.

“I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous, to say the least; it’s ridiculous, that is all I can say,” said Chela when contacted.

Mpende said posterity would judge them and those behind their suspension.

“You know, I think we are still consulting but you know, I think thepeople of Kabwe know us. We can’t do such things, I think posterity will judge them, it will judge us, we can’t sink so low. In that meeting, there were a lot of people; it was a public meeting, so for him to come and accuse us, only God knows!” said Mpende.

Central Province PF chairman Chanda Mutale could not comment on the matter as his phone went unanswered.

During the January 16 Kabwe meeting, Mwila incited PF cadres and asked them what they were waiting for to take over the running of bus stations.

He also urged the PF controlled councils to be sharing plots before advertising them to the public.

Mwila said PF members needed to benefit through the use of mathematics to lessen UPND members’ scorn on the ruling party members.

“Those plots, your worship the mayor, you are the ones who have power; if the plots are 500, you councillors you are the ones with power (to offer land) to say that if you advertise 500 plots, you withhold 200 and take 300 to the people and 200 you share among the ward chairman and others (as the cadres cheered in agreement)… with me I have told you, that PWD [in reference to the Planning, Information system, Community development and Social welfare committee (PISCDC)], the chairman is PF, just in there pa pa pa, it’s mathematics,” said Mwila.