PF Planning Fake MMD Defections – MMD East

PF Planning Fake MMD Defections – MMD East

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Eastern Province Provincial Chairman Jacob Mwanza has reported that the Patriotic Front (PF) led by Deputy Secretary-General Mumbi Phiri are in the province trying to organize fake defections of MMD members to the ruling PF to be led by expelled Sisinje Ward Councilor Samuel Lugomo.

Others who are expected to be used and are to be paraded before President Chagwa Lungu include the disgraced Chembe Daka who was disciplined on a nuisance charge for publicly urinating at the Chipata council premises during the January 2015 presidential election.

In a statement to the media, Mr. Mwanza has said that this desperate attempt by the PF will not work because the people of Eastern Province know very well that the PF Government has destroyed agriculture in the province and have brought untold misery to the once prosperous province with their fake “90 Days” promises and lack of experience in managing affairs of this country.

He said during the 2015 Presidential election, many people in Eastern Province were hoodwinked by the false PF campaign promises they would get double the seed and fertiliser support compared to what the MMD government used to give when in power. As it turned out, these were the usual PF lies and instead of doubling the quantities they actually cut the support in half that used to be given previously by the MMD Government and farmers are now languishing.

Mr. Mwanza further said an advance MMD mobilisation team from Lusaka are already in the province and have proved for themselves that PF are in the province plotting these fake defections.

He warned Zambians to be suspicious of all defections to the PF taking place during this period because they are being stage-managed out of desperation to hoodwink Zambians that PF is popular when they know very well that Zambians have lost all confidence in the PF and want the MMD to come back.