PF Is Breeding Future Prostitutes

PF Is Breeding Future Prostitutes.

I was disappointed this morning when I saw how young PF female supporters who attended a special briefing chaired by PF Secretary General Davies Chama at Chrismar hotel were dressed.

The teenage girls were dressed as if they were going to attend a pornography audition. One could literally see the prints of their woman-hood tattooed on the front of their skintight shorts.

How can Mr. Davies Chama condom such behavior? Or he was entertained by such acts?

There has been an increase in rape, defilement and child molestation in Zambia in the past years and such actions will not help us tackle these pending problems.

Charity begins at home and it seems these young women have not been properly brought up.

Which parents or guardians would allow their child to leave a house like this?

I therefore appeal to Mr. Davies Chama to not further condon such behavior especially coming from young PF supporters.

These badly dressed young women should have been sent home to go back and put on full-length chitenges upon arrival at the briefing.

And lastly, women please respect your bodies.

Photo - Mwebantu
YOUNG PF supporters leave Chrismar Hotel where PF Secretary General Davies Chama had a Special Briefing earlier today.