PF Influential Member Sunday Chanda Calls LAZ President Ignorant

PF Influential Member Sunday Chanda Calls LAZ President Ignorant

Patriotic Front media committee member Sunday Chanda has called Law Association of Zambia president Linda Kasonde ignorant.

Mr. Chanda was responding to statements made by Kasonde yesterday when she held a press briefing at which she said the rule of law had broken down in Zambia.

Chanda claims Kasonde is being ignorant with the law governing the country.



28th June 2016, Lusaka-Ms. Linda Kasonde, the new Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president must slow down and make coherent and intelligent statements based on facts before she runs the risk of embarrassing the reputable LAZ and entire legal fraternity in Zambia.

We say so because her press event was nothing if not shallow and devoid of legal grounding today. She spoke like a pedestrian counsel and not a certified one which is shame.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ms Kasonde defending the tax defaulting Post newspaper but she must at least do it based on facts. Let there be honour even among thieves.

We would like correct the following misleading statements she uttered in her excited defence of The Post that owes poor Zambian tax payers more than 63 million Kwacha or 6.1 million US dollars:

  • Firstly what she refers to as a court order from the so called Tribunal does not exist because the revenue Tribunal was repealed a long time ago, what exists is the Tax Appeals Tribunal
  • Secondly there is no ruling that can be made to OVERULE the Supreme Court ruling so we wonder what Ms Kasonde means when she claims a legally binding court order was defied. This is what is called in legal terms, Gods Case.
  • Thirdly, Fred M’membe (The Post) whom she is supporting is a tax offender who has taken money out of Zambians, poor Zambians that pay duty when importing cars for re sale, including his own employees. Zambians are the victims, he is an offender.

We can go on to point out more fallacies in Ms Kasonde’s overzealous statement, clearly she is very excited with her newly founded fame she does not want to stop and research before she shoots her mouth, however, we will spare her for the sake of the reputation of LAZ.

As we spare LAZ though, the gross embarrassment for Ms Kasonde’s un-researched excited utterances makes compels to ask, “where was she the day they taught law at law school?”

Conduct basic research Ms Kasonde, understand issues before you issue statements instead of embarrassing LAZ. *Mina amate!* (Swallow saliva).

We remind Zambians that Ms Kasonde is glossing all over real issues regarding how Mr M’membe, became a tax offender who must pay ordinary Zambians what he owes according to the Supreme Court. She is creating her own ficticious narrative due to excitement of her new election at the expense of LAZ reputation.

Also, the order Mr Membe presented to the police yesterday does not have the power to over-rule a Supreme Court order and it comes from a non-existent Tribunal.

We refuse and do not want Ms Kasonde to be mistaken for being ‘Legally Blonde’ so we will end here.