PF Hired Hacker Admits To Altering ECZ Results [Exclusive Video]

PF Hired Hacker Admits To Altering ECZ Results [Exclusive Video].

A man who was caught red handed by vigilant polling station observers has admitted to Police hacking the ECZ computer systems and changing UPND Presidential figures with the express permission of ECZ .

At the ECZ press briefing yesterday, ECZ Staff were asked how an outsider who didn’t work for the ECZ managed to access the highly restricted IT zone and allowed to operate IT systems there. They were further asked how the nabbed man was accredited and granted access to an electronic access card to the area, surprisingly without the knowledge of the IT.

However, ECZ denied having any knowledge about the fracas and they themselves were in shock of how the man had access to such confidential details such as system passwords.

“No one can get a pass word unless he’s been provided with one by the IT staff”.

The alleged hired hacker is in custody.

Meanwhile the UPND has written to the ECZ demanding that all staff responsible for issuance of IT access cards and passwords be immediately suspended and investigated by Police.

PF Hired Hacker Rigs ECZ Results

Hired PF Hacker rigging Zambia Election Results 2016
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