PF Denies Being Part Of Ndola Airport Scandal

PF Denies Being Part Of Ndola Airport Scandal

PF has denied all accusations that it organized a multitude of cadres who prevented former commerce, trade and industries Deputy Minister Miles Sampa.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the mess at Ndola international airport was caused by 2 rival “Jerabo groups” who wanted to share the money .

“Mr Sampa paid some money to a Jerabo group in exchange for protection and later a rival group heard about the money which was involved and later they almost fought amongst themselves that’s what we know.

I therefore challenge the police to arrest anyone that may be breaking the law in that manner as for us as PF we don’t encourage such behavior and we as PF will never engage in such buffoonery,” he said.

And commenting on the Saturday incident, Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga confirmed the violence at the Ndola Airport saying “ Indeed there was chaos at the airport by some suspected PF cadres who did not want Miles Sampa to get on a plane. They forced themselves into the runway and wanted to devour Sampa who was on board,” Ms Katanga said.