PF associations robbing marketeers – Mwanza

PF associations robbing marketeers – Mwanza

By Thulani Phiri

PF Chisokone market branch chairman Mulunda Mwanza says PF inclined market associations are robbing marketeers of their hard-earned incomes through contributions without tangible benefits accruing to the people they purport to serve.

In a posting on his official Facebook page, Mwanza said market associations did not mean well for traders.

“The current wrangles being witnessed in these market associations leave much to be desired. It’s a clear sign that they don’t mean well to the marketeers and the nation as a whole. They have been robbing marketeers of their hard earned incomes in the name of contributions without tangible benefits accruing to the people they purport to serve,” Mwanza stated.

“As if that is not enough, they have always come up with all sorts of insinuations against the Kitwe City Council to justify the illegality of their operations in markets. Last year, some leaders were arrested for siphoning empowerment funds meant for marketeers in Eastern Province, though the matter was [swept] under the carpet.”

He stated that traders at Chisokone market had been robbed of their contributions for empowerment.

“Most marketeers at Chisokone Market demanded to be refunded the money which was illegally charged by the associations to get empowerment forms but nothing has been done about it,” said Mwanza.

“As PF Chisokone market branch chairman, I was ignored and accused of all sorts of things by some of our local leaders when an anti-market association crusade was declared. All these battles me and my team fought for marketeers and the party in general at Chisokone Market were not considered.”