Petition Not To Allow Stella Libongani As High Commissioner To Canada Underway

Petition Not To Allow Stella Libongani As High Commissioner To Canada Underway.

Many Zambians residing in Canada have adherently opposed President Edgar Lungu’s decision to send incompetent Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani as High Commissioner to Canada.

Last evening, news broke out that Libongani was fired and replaced  with Deputy Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

But the President’s move to send Libongani into Foreign Service has angered Zambians both at home and abroad.

Outspoken Canadian based Zambian Lawyer and theologian Elias Munshya says plans are under way to petition Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to reject Libongani’s appointment.

“Bo Stella Libongani has been fired as Police IG. Lungu is sending her to Canada. I am considering to ask Canada to reject this appointment. She cannot possibly represent Zambia with her record of police brutality.The thought that a police officer with a record of such grievous brutality will come to Canada should send shivers across all well-meaning Zambians in Canada. Ms. Libongani does not inspire confidence.” Munshya said.

Western governments take such matters seriously and it is likely Munshya’s strong views and petition will be taken into consideration.

Other Zambians at home have insisted that Libongani is a dunderhead and all modes of power she holds should be stripped from her.

“Libongani should just pack her Mukwa Sack and try her luck farming in this drought just like the retrenched miners on the Copperbelt other than shipping her into Foreign Service,” a frustrated retrenched miner alluded.

“These are the same people that tarnish Zambia’s image abroad when they go with their incompetence.   Right now Zambia’s economy needs an uplift especially to potential investors like Canada. Surely ba Lungu how can you send a failure naimwe? Bututu bwashani ubu ? Just let Libongani retire in the comfort of her own people, she is too incompetent to go into foreign missions,” Mutale said.

Zambians in Canada have vowed not to let Libongani in and a petition is now currently circulating which shows signatures of the number of Zambians against Libongani’s redeployment to Canada.