Our women are no longer safe – Jalila

A CHOMA based human rights activist Bright Jalila says there is nothing that Zambian women can commemorate International Women’s Day for when their plight is not respected.

In an interview, Jalila said this year’s women’s day which fell yesterday was an embarrassment to the country.

He said the current PF regime had become a danger to women’s plight especially those who spoke their mind.

Jalila said women were no longer safe in Zambia hence the need for well meaning citizens to stand up and protect them.

“The current PF regime has become a danger to women’s plight, especially those who speak their mind. Let the women use this women’s day commemoration to protest to government about the continued dwindling safety and not just to merely listen to speeches prepared by secretaries,” Jalila said.

He said it was unfortunate that the government, through its agencies, had continued harassing, victimising and beating women.

Jalila expressed sadness that nowadays, any woman who attempted to exercise her democratic rights was threatened and harassed by State agents.

“We have a female Vice-President who has folded her arms while her fellow women are being victimised for speaking their mind such as Linda Kasonde, Komboni radio director Lesa Kasoma and Mutinta M’membe. What about those who died and were injured during election campaigns?” wondered Jalila.