Only MMD Can Make Zambia Great Again – Lengwe Bwalya

Only MMD Can Make Zambia Great Again – Lengwe Bwalya

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Youth Treasurer ‎and National Executive Committee (NEC) member Lengwe Cornelius Bwalya has charged that Zambians have been robbed by the Patriotic Front (PF) government. He said that benefits accrued from the infrastructure development originally started by MMD but hijacked by PF have largely benefited Chinese companies at the expense of indigenous Zambian contractors.

‎Mr Bwalya regrets that the loans the PF government has been getting from the Chinese come with many hidden conditionalities such as the Zambian government being forced to engage Chinese firms on the projects under which those loans were collected. and this denies Zambian contractors opportunities to improve their skills and gain financially. He argued that when Chinese firms come to Zambia and many other African countries, they bring with them their own nationals to work on these projects and only employ a handful of Zambian casual workers who are given a merger pay at the end of the month.

“The reality of our people suffering cannot get any more serious than it is right now. That is why as MMD under the leadership of Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba, we have pledged to appropriately engage the Chinese to allow for massive technology and skills transfer to Zambians,” Mr Bwalya said.

“Zambians will not eat roads. We will not use the roads to buy kapenta, chibwabwa or kalembula. The Zambian people want hard cash in this difficult economy to enable us take care of our families,” a visibly annoyed Mr Bwalya said.

Mr Bwalya who is currently touring the Copperbelt with his team bemoaned the high levels of poverty and anguish that the people on the Copperbelt are going through. He wondered how a thinking, normal government would expect former miners to switch to farming within months of losing their jobs.

“What I am seeing here is a total failure of leadership in the PF government, something that will never happen under the New Hope MMD under Dr. Mumba when we form government after 11th August 2016, and something that never happened under previous MMD leaderships.

“Under Dr Mumba, a seasoned diplomat, former Vice-President and head of business in Parliament, in the same fashion that he negotiated for Barrick-Gold to come and invest $8 billion in Zambia, MMD will negotiate with the various mining firms in the country to re-employ our people. This is a total mess by the PF and the more reason why we have to vote them out of office this August.

“MMD is going to make Zambia great again. I call on all well-meaning Zambians to rise up and stand up for what is right and noble, which is to vote PF and Edgar Lungu out of government and vote for MMD and Dr. Mumba. There is no room for experiments with untested parties and untested candidates. No room to make the mistakes of the past as we did in 2011 as we cannot afford to be deceived by ‘Forward, Forward or Ifintu ni cakuti’ when ifintu nafi lungula. We are being taken back to the UNIP days of a collapsed economy, high unemployment and runaway inflation. We need to bring in Dr Mumba and the MMD which is tried and tested leadership,” said Mr Bwalya.