No one should be allowed to kill free media – McDonald

No one should be allowed to kill free media – McDonald

By Malawo Malawo

FORMER Chingola PF mayor McDonald Mulongoti says no one should be allowed to kill the independent media as it plays a role in Zambia’s ongoing economic, social and political life.

Mulongoti, in a press release, observed that Zambia needed a free press as well as strong opposition political parties in order to provide effective checks and balances for the good of the country’s nascent democracy.

“We should not allow anyone to annihilate independent media against all odds for it has the tenacity, proclivity and propensity to contribute significantly to the country’s economic, social and political emancipation. One such typical example is the emergence of The Mast newspaper which has helped to animate the spirit and complexity of free press following the closure of The Post,” Mulongoti stated.

And Mulongoti advised that the United Party for National Development (UPND), being the biggest opposition political party in the country, should magnanimously put their controversial electoral loss behind and chart the way forward “in order not to lose contact with the people”.

“I am not saying that the party should halt ongoing court cases but rather making an earnest appeal for its leaders to begin holding public rallies whilst seeking justice on the other hand. As you may be aware, such court cases naturally take ages to conclude of which the party cannot afford to lose valuable time,” Mulongoti stated.

“HH and GBM need to emulate late president [Michael] Sata in the manner a loss or disputed election may be taken. Sata once said ‘a loss is a bitter pill to swallow but it’s not the end of the world.’ Some people said Sata would never become President albeit he proved his critics wrong simply by his composure and magnanimity in defeat. By and large, his resilience!”

He added that more effort was needed to fix the defective Republican Constitution so that any elections may not be held under the current document which he feared could potentially plunge the country into disarray.

“I mean the issue of 14 days interpretation at the ConCourt and incumbent President handing over power to the Speaker in an event of an election petition being filed still remain a puzzle,” stated Mulongoti.