Nkonde a shameless judge – Joe Mwale

Nkonde a shameless judge – Joe Mwale

By Mwape Mbwelela

JUDGE Sunday Nkonde’s stubbornness is coming from President Edgar Lungu who has no respect for the law, says former ambassador Joe Mwale.

And Mwale says Nkonde is a shameless judge who was failing to leave office even after committing wrongs.

Mwale said judge Nkonde’s stubbornness and refusal to recuse himself from the Post Newspapers matter after complaints against him was a clear indication that he was being protected by the appointing authority.

Journalist Dr Fred M’membe has written to the Judicial Complaints Commission against judge Nkonde’s conduct in the Post Newspapers matter.

Judge Nkonde is presiding over an application to liquidate Post Newspaper Limited where Dr M’membe, who was a shareholder, also served as managing director and editor-in-chief.

Dr M’membe earlier wrote to Chief Justice Irene Mambilima and judge-in-charge of the Commercial Court saying that judge Nkonde should not be allowed to hear the matter because he had started a process to liquidate Post Newspapers in 2011 while in private practice.

“When you see an individual being stubborn like that, it means he knows where the backing and protection is coming from. What you can deduce out of that is that he knows that we are in a lawless country where the rule of law is completely disregarded with impunity,” Mwale said.

“In an environment where there is due process of the law, where the law is respected by everybody irrespective of who they are, he would not excise that kind of impunity. He knows that he is protected by people who have total disregard for the law and Constitution of this nation.”

He said President Lungu was watching the country fall into pieces under his nose and that was witnessed in so many sectors of the country.

“On many things, the appointing authority has been quiet. He has remained mute completely on matters of anarchy, its like we have no president,” said Mwale.

“As the head of the family, he has failed to crack the whip. We have a parent who is watching lawlessness in the country but he is mute and not doing anything about it. That is where judge Nkonde is getting his stubbornness. Judge Nkonde should appeal to his own conscious. In short, he should not wait for people to rise. He must be conscious enough to do what’s right as a professional; I believe he is one. Zambians have to be loud enough and its up to him to do what’s right. Is there anything louder than that? Stakeholders have spoken so he should not be stubborn; he is a shameless judge, he is shameless.”