Ndola Bus Drivers Stage A Protest And Down Tools

Ndola Bus Drivers Stage A Protest And Down Tools.

Ndola bus drivers have staged a protest of withholding their services today. Yesterday residents in Kitwe woke up to a rude shock when bus drivers and other public service drivers decided to stage a protest of withholding their services.
The bus drivers also accused President Edgar Lungu of failing to find time to meet them during his seven days working visit on the copperbelt.
A check by a news crew at Kalulushi station found the drivers singing songs and denouncing the government for not respecting the transport sector.
One of the drivers Chanda Kambole says President Lungu came to talk about the 4,000 jobs at Mopani but he forgets that the transport sector has more than 20,000 workers and failed to hear our concerns. He questioned why the small-scale miners were addressed as opposed to the drivers.
Another driver Jack Mulilo accused the PF government of not serious in addressing issues affecting the Zambian people.
He said it was shocking that the Zambia Revenue Authority is collecting K 7,200 annually from the Rosa buses with these economic challenges.

The wave is closing in for PF government and problems are arising in the four corners of Zambia. Every sector is experiencing problems and everything government does seems not to resonate with Zambian people.

Meanwhile, the Kwacha; USD 1=K14 and British Pound 1=K19.40.

Ndola Bus Drivers Riot and Protest
Ndola Bus Drivers Riot and Protest
Ndola Citizens blocking roads
Ndola Citizens blocking roads