My Husband Is Addicted To Sex – Lusaka Woman Cries In Court

My Husband Is Addicted To Sex – Lusaka Woman Cries In Court

A woman in Lusaka caused laughter in the Matero court when she asked the judicial house to rescue her from vaginal pains by granting her a divorce on grounds that her husband’s sexual cravings are never quenched.

Nalolo Kamanga, 24, of Zanimuone Township narrated that her husband, Kachinga Zulu, 31, a businessman, has an enormous manhood and his sexual appetite is unbearable.

Nalolo explained to the court that her husband is a sexual maniac who always wants to go under the sheets.

“I am tired of offering my husband sex three times a day. I cant biologically sustain this timetable. My husband claims he cant focus during the day if he has sex less than 3 times.

Before he leaves home in the morning, he wakes up 2 hours earlier in order to have sex with me before he leaves for work. I am woken up everyday at 4 AM everyday by my husband before he starts to prepare for work at 6 AM. And he comes back during lunch at 12 hours just to get his dose of sanity. Before sleeping at 22:00 he also demands sex.

Ala mwandini its too much. My vagina is forever dry. I cant even be sexually stimulated because I don’t have anything to produce as lubrication. So I am always sore after sex. This is punishment,” Nalolo sobbed.

But in his defence, Mr Zulu said he is a fit man (amuna ngao ngao) and he needs to be satisfied.

“I work hard to provide for my family and I become stressed so I need to be freed of all this stress. I don’t drink or smoke, so sex is the only way I release my stress.

My wife doesn’t satisfy me, even if I have sex with her , I go to the bathroom and masturbate just so that I am satisfied. I love my wife and I have never cheated on her. I love her and all I want is to be loved. I am wrong for loving my wife?” Zulu explained.

In passing Judgement, Magistrate Newa instructed Mr Zulu to allow his wife to at least suggest when to have sex herself whenever she feels the need to.