Mwanakatwe must pay for her electoral corruption, violence & racism – Mpombo

Mwanakatwe must pay for her electoral corruption, violence & racism – Mpombo.

GEORGE Mpombo says Margaret Mwanakatwe must be made to pay heavily for her electoral corruption, violence and racism.

Lusaka High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa on Thursday nullified Mwanakatwe’s seat on grounds that she clearly engaged in corruption, bribery and racism against petitioner Charlotte Scott, the losing UPND candidate, to woo votes.

Judge Siavwapa also said he was satisfied with the evidence of eyewitnesses, which proved illegal practices, among them violence by Mwanakatwe’s supporters.

“The allegation of sinking of boreholes during the campaign period to buy votes is proven. It is true that the first respondent (Mwanakatwe ) embarked on a project of sinking boreholes in Bauleni compound to induce voters. Lack of water in Bauleni was a very big issue during the campaigns. This is open corruption which prevented the petitioner from being voted for,” observed judge Siavwapa.

Commenting on the nullification of Mwanakatwe’s election, Mpombo said the courts had done justice to the matter.

“Racism is repugnant in a democratic society. The Scotts are Zambians so using racial remarks against them during campaigns seriously disadvantaged her. And obviously, she should be made to pay heavily for engaging in corruption, violence and using racial remarks during campaigns,” said Mpombo.

“A lot of people saw what happened during campaigns. People heard all the racial remarks she (Mwanakatwe) was making during campaigns and the issues of corruption during campaigns were also raised. The electoral laws are clear that candidates engaging in corrupt activities should be barred from contesting elections. I do believe that the issues raised bordering on racial remarks and corruption are offensive during elections.”

And Charlotte’s husband, Dr Guy Scott, said it was unfortunate that the issues of racial remarks were ignored during the campaigns.

“These are the issues that we raised. Let’s see what happens next. But this issue of people saying that the PF is popular in Lusaka is now being ascertained. If you want, you can even send photographers on the streets to see what is happening. People are happy; they are celebrating the nullification of Lusaka Central. I am sure everyone can see now. The only thing I can say is let’s wait and see what happens next,” said Dr Scott, the former Republican vice-president.