Mutati Pleads Court To Intervene And Declare His Expulsion Null & Void

Mutati Pleads Court To Intervene And Declare His Expulsion Null & Void

Expelled Lunte MMD member of parliament Felix Mutati has requested the Lusaka High Court to declare his expulsion from the party null and void.

According to a report filed in by the principal registry on Thursday, Mutati, who cited Mwansa Mbulakulima in his capacity as MMD national secretary, stated that his alleged expulsion was illegal, irregular and baseless.

Mr. Mutati is also seeking an order of interim injunction to prevent the MMD from further exiling him and tempering with his rights as an MMD member.

Mutati wants the court to declare that he is still a member of the MMD and is entitled to enjoy all the rights of the party including that of contesting an election at the convention.

Mutati stated that on February 12, 2016, he and two MMD members Elijah Muchima and Annie Munshya Chungu, who are Ikeleng’i and Lufwanyama MPs respectively, sued the NEC, challenging its decision not to hold a convention but that the matter has not yet been heard.

“When the petition was filed in the Constitutional Court, the president of the defendant and various other party officials made various statements condemning my decision to challenge the decision of the NEC not to hold a convention. Some of the statements contained threats and various innuendos calling for my immediate expulsion from the defendant,” Mutati submitted.

He submitted further that his expulsion was a breach of the rules of natural justice because he had not been charged with any offence.