Mutati Being Secretly Funded By PF To Take Over MMD, Says Copperbelt MMD

Mutati Being Secretly Funded By PF To Take Over MMD, Says Copperbelt MMD

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Copperbelt Women’s Chairlady Edith Mataka has revealed that Lunte Constituency Member of Parliament, Hon. Felix Mutati has continued organizing people to destabilise the MMD because of his ambitions to unseat current President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba. Commenting on yesterday’s press briefing in Kitwe held by another impostor called Suzyo Ngulube who was purporting to be the MMD Copperbelt Youth Chairman, Ms Mataka said Mr Mutati is a spineless “muselela kwakaba” who was wasting his time because the MMD structures are solidly behind Dr Mumba.

She said the real Copperbelt youth chairman is Chiko Chibale and that MMD has been aware for some time that Mr Mutati is being secretly funded by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to attempt to overthrow Dr. Mumba’s presidency using people who are not MMD office bearers. She said Mr Mutati plans to then negotiate to be President Edgar Lungu’s Running Mate under the 50%+1 electoral system.

There was commotion yesterday at Kitwe’s Hotel Edinburgh when a group of MMD die-hard youths stopped another stage-managed press briefing organised by Mr Mutati through his cadres Mr. Thabo Kawana and Mr Ngulube. The impostors later held the briefing from the premises of Olympic Milling company, who are believed to be involved in Mr Mutati’s clandestine political dealings.

The MMD youths got a tip-off about the planned briefing from journalists and workers from the hotel who decided to leak the information to MMD party officials in the Copperbelt. There has been a series of stage-managed statements in the media calling for an MMD party convention next year where Mr. Mutati is believed to be planning to overthrow Dr. Mumba’s presidency.

Ms Mataka said the MMD already knew about the press briefing from last week and that Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe was also involved in the scheme. She said the Police were instructed to not act to stop the illegal press briefing even when they were told about it. The Kitwe Police were dragging their feet when they were told about the fake press briefing and kept insisting that the two MMD “factions” should sit and resolve their differences when in fact, there is only one true MMD group with the others being impostors.

Ms Mataka said that it was disappointing that the Edinburgh Hotel did not even bother to verify whether the impostors were bona-fide MMD members and they risked being cited as an accomplice when the MMD takes legal action against Mr Ngulube and his henchmen. He said she told off the Hotel management for their sloppiness.

“In recent weeks, Mr Mutati through his stooges has been speaking from both sides of his mouth. Sometimes he says we are united  and that the MMD only has one president while in other cases, he says he would be happy to stand as MMD president if given a chance. He has continued pretending to the MMD that he is supporting Dr Mumba when the truth is that he is not. He is a snake. We know all his moves in advance. Mr Mutati has a history of inconsistencies, U-Turns and denials than for standing up for what he believes in,” said Ms Mataka.

“All these people calling for a convention next year are just paid stooges for Mr. Mutati. They are all stranded and finished former members of the party, most of whom were last in the party during the Levy Mwanawasa regime and had resigned or defected to other parties. This already proves that the party is behind Dr Mumba. No genuine party official is doing what these fake people are doing,” said Ms Mataka.

The disgruntled Mr. Mutati has never gotten over his defeat by Dr Mumba at the 2012 MMD Convention where he only managed 30% of the vote against Dr Mumba’s 70%. Mr Mutati was hoping to land the UPND Vice-Presidency but got snubbed by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema due to his inconsistencies and political cowardice. Mr Geoffrey B Mwamba was appointed to be UPND Vice-President instead, even though Mr Mutati tirelessly campaigned for Mr Hichilema during the January 2015 election campaign and abandoned his own party the MMD.