Mumbwa Secondary School Cadets Murder Innocent Man

Mumbwa Secondary School Cadets Murder Innocent Man.

ZAMBIA POLICE in Mumbwa have this morning arrested five cadets from Mumbwa Secondary School for allegedly having murdered Chimba Mazyopa aged 21 of Chilimboyi Village in Mumbwa District.

It is reported that the incident occurred on June 24, 2016 at 9 PM.

On the fateful day, Chimba Mazyopa was in the company of his two friends coming back from town where they had gone to escort their friend Collins Hachiwala. On their way back, the five cadets confronted the three and started beating them for no apparent reason.
During the peak of the fight, the two friends managed to escape leaving behind the deceased who was only discovered in the morning by a passerby.

The suspects have been identified as: Geoffrey Chola aged 18, Tyson Lungu aged 21, Kenneth Ng’imbu aged 18, Rodgers Munyenga aged 19 and Collins Mushobwe aged 21.

The lawbreakers will appear in court soon.