Multi-Gifted Mwizukanji Namwawa ‘Kanji’ Sets A Trend For Young Zambian Girls

Multi-Gifted Mwizukanji Namwawa ‘Kanji’ Sets A Trend For Young Zambian Girls

When I use the name Mwizukanji Namwawa you are probably going to be lost. Its ok. Let me use the name Kanji, does it ring a bell? Either that or you were born recently. Mwizukanji Namwawa popularly known as Kanji is a multi-gifted individual.

Back in the day she hit the Zambian music scene back to back with hits left and right. For those of you Zed Beats lovers across the world, you remember that hit song Mr. Big star and others like chi daddy which she performed alongside The General Ozzy himself, right?

After rocking the Zed Music scene Kanji went awol and pursued a career in law only to return years later as a devoted christian armed to exalt the Most High’s name. According to an interview she did on musiczambia it was unveiled that Kanji is also a trained officer in the Zambia Army and these pictures below prove it.

As Zed Corner we take this moment to honour Kanji for her remarkable undeniable work ethics not only as a role model but as a Zambian citizen. Her story proves that a girl child can excel and emerge great against all odds. She proves that beauty does come with brains too (although thats a rare package).  We hope Zambian women in particular the “teens” will learn a great deal from her and do like wise (noti kukonkafwe ama sugar daddy imwe baiche, work your behind all the way to the top).If you are ever in need of a great saloon to get that special new look Kanji also owns a saloon situated at Chris corner in Chilenje,Lusaka.

Mwizukanji Namwawa aka Kanji Zambian singer