Mubita C Nawa Perfume Collection

Mubita C Nawa Perfume Collection

I have had my eyes on Mubita C Nawa for a very long time. His existence in my memory was slightly becoming blurry until this morning when I read an article about him on Mwebantu.

I wondered what he had been doing all this time. I remember one day when I was way much younger, he gave a motivational speech at the church I was congregating at. That’s probably the last time I heard of him.

I quickly looked him up online with hopes of finding more viable information about him [Wikipedia] but he was not popping up so I had to use the old age method, Facebook.

‘Mubita C. Nawa is a serial entrepreneur who inspires others to realize their potential’ is the main catch statement on his page info that sent me into limbo.

Coming to think about it, that statement is 100% accurate.

OK lets be honest, his Perfume collection idea is a great innovation but the branding leaves much to be desired however, lets not crucify the man over such simple things like the ‘image’ on the products.

I salute Mr. Nawa for his brave actions. I am sure non of these Zambian rich tycoons have ever thought of creating such but here comes Mr. Nawa, ready to get crucified over his entrepreneurial beliefs.

There has never been a product, which was perfect upon creation. Perfection comes about after error correction. In order for you to correct something, you have to identify an error. That’s the simple cycle of perfection.

I am sure most of you are planning to have your faces on a certain product now thanks to Mr. Nawa’s bold step.

Rather than criticizing the man, lets applaud him for his efforts and help him make a better product next time. That’s how winning is done.