Mpezeni out of hospital, says he’s still in pain

Mpezeni out of hospital, says he’s still in pain.

MPEZENI says he is still in pain despite being discharged from Mwami Adventist Hospital where he was admitted following a road accident last Saturday night.

Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo visited Mpezeni, the paramount chief of the Ngoni, following the accident that left him with deeps cuts on his head.

His BMW fell into a ditch at a curve as he was returning to his palace.

Mpezeni told Kampyongo that he had not fully recovered.

“I have not fully recovered, even walking, I cannot walk far without a walking stick,” Mpezeni said.

And Mpezeni asked Kampyongo, who was accompanied by Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu, when the government would complete the construction of his palace.

“Lomba muzasiliza liti iyi nyumba? So muona kano ka nyumba so kukawela alwendo mphela nifyafya (When are you going to complete this house? Have you seen this house? When visitors come, you squeeze a lot),” he said.

Mpezeni also commended the government for embarking on various development projects in the country.

And Kampyongo, who was in Chipata to officiate at the World AIDS Day events, said he was worried when he heard that Mpezeni was involved in a road mishap.

Kampyongo also said the government would find ways of completing the construction of the new palace, which was at roof level.