Mosho eyes small printing press at M’membe’s house

Mosho eyes small printing  press at M’membe’s house

POST Newspapers Limited provisional Lewis Mosho who is working with state agents to stop Fred M’membe from challenging the liquidation matter in court is now eyeing a small printing press at the latter’s house.

During the raid at Dr M’membe’s house on Friday, police officers who were sent to effect a questionable search in the absence of the celebrated journalist stopped the printing of The Mast and ordered all printers to leave the printing room and kept them under house arrest for a day.
And on Thursday, the police went back for a search where they indicated that they needed to establish the ownership of the small personal printing press.
But yesterday, some police officers went back in the company of some mechanics and attempted to dismantle the printing press in the absence of the lawyers.
However, Dr M’membe’s security officer stopped them from doing so and advised that no property should be tampered with in the absence of the lawyers.
A few hours later, another group of officers went back to view the small printing press and left.
And in the afternoon, Mosho, who is instigating the schemes to arrest M’membe and his lawyer Nchima Nchito on alleged personation charges, viewed the printing press in the company of police officers to ‘identify’ it.