More Load Shedding In 2016, Dora Siliya Assures Zambia

More Load Shedding In 2016, Dora Siliya Assures Zambia.
Energy Minister Dora Siliya has assured Zambia on increased load shedding in 2016, saying the country’s energy predicament is a crisis.

Siliya, the newly appointed Energy minister says the current electricity shortages need a leadership that must make tough decisions .
Dora Siliya enlightened us about this new development during a meeting on the power crisis and energy demand side management at Kitwe’s Moba Hotel.

“We can’t deny that government is in crisis. The  electricity crisis is not a PF problem or a government problem. We do have a crisis that needs leadership. This crisis has affected everything: businesses are collapsing. But its lack of adequate rains that has created a problem for the private sector. The 2016 rainy season will be bad, load generation will reduce further, which will increase load shedding next year,” Dora Siliya lamented.

She further revealed that 148 megawatts of power from Mozambique is being imported at a cost of US$13.2 million per month, which however is not enough because the mines consume most of it.
After addressing media journalists, the open meeting was closed and she further proceeded to Indeni Oil Refinery.

“I have been here for a couple of days touring Indeni and Tazama as part of my familiarization tour. I also wanted to check our fuel stocks before the planned Indeni Shutdown for Maintenance on 15 November.”