More job protests coming – Mpombo

More job protests coming – Mpombo.

By Lulumbi Nakazwe

GEORGE Mpombo says protests over jobs and high cost of living will soon spread across the country.

Last Wednesday, PF cadres protested in Lusaka over lack of jobs.
The cadres demanded jobs, among other things that were promised during campaigns for the August 11 general elections, from President Edgar Lungu.

Commenting on the incident, Mpombo said protests by the cadres were a sign that President Lungu and his team were in trouble.

“What happened on Wednesday is just a tip of an iceberg. We will soon see these demonstrations spreading across the country because what PF cadres are demanding from President Lungu is what all of us want as a country – jobs for our youth, food…If you look around Zambia today, citizens are undergoing debilitating economic agony. Zambians have seen hardships they have not witnessed in a long time,” Mpombo said.

“Zambians are almost reaching the tipping point because the hardships are too much. People are suffering. What the PF cadres have done is to show the nation the level of economic desperation which has enveloped the country. These demonstrations will soon spread across the country and we all should not be surprised when we start seeing and hearing of demonstrations.”

He said protests by PF cadres were a potent sign of looming divisions within the ruling party.

“These are indications that all is not well within the political party. This also shows that the support which was demonstrated by the cadres was artificial. It was built on empty promises of jobs and empowerment. In my view, the demonstration by the PF cadres is a clear indication of a dark cloud that will soon be zooming on the political landscape for the PF. It shows that the party will soon be facing tough times,” Mpombo said.

He said the protest by the cadres also showed that the PF was about to crack.

“The protest by PF cadres is a vivid manifestation of a looming crack in the PF. I also feel it would be wrong for PF cadres to demand jobs as a payment for what they did during campaigns because the national cake is for everybody to share regardless of their political affiliation,” said Mpombo.