Mopani To Drop 5, 331 Employees

Mopani To Drop 5, 331 Employees.

It has been confirmed that Mopani Copper Mines will by the end of this month drop and lay off 1, 743 miners and another 3, 588 miners next month.

Information contained on a retrenchment schedule acquired yesterday disclosed that the employee reduction exercise began in August this year and targets to lay off 8, 760 workers, including expatriates and contractors.

When contacted, Mopani Copper Mine said the mine had no other option but to lay off some miners because of no profits.

Mopani sources have revealed that losses in the production of copper are becoming inevitable and this time they are producing US$7000 per tonne and selling if for about US$5000 therefore making a loss of US$2000 for each tonne.

The labour commissioner and the workers’ union have already been notified of the decision and everyone now is beginning to swallow the bitter pill.

Meanwhile, Former Minister of Finance N’gandu Magande sternly demanded for an explanation from the Patriotic Front government on why miners are still losing their valued jobs and why the Kwacha is still on its downhill acceleration route after holding nationwide prayers to revamp the economy.

A Mopani source further said President Edgar Lungu’s speech that no miners would lose their jobs was just political gibberish, which had no proper backing because no policy shift was met.