MMD Reacts To Defection of 11 MPs

MMD Reacts To Defection of 11 MPs

The defection of the 11 MPs to the UPND is nothing new. The nation will recall that all the names reported campigned on the side of the UPND in 2014. As a matter of fact, the list comes short of one or two others names. These MPs have long stopped being available for the MMD.

It is revealing to see Mr Elijah Muchima on this list. He is one of 3 who took out the court action against the MMD just a few days ago championing calls for a convention in the party. This manouver exposes real intentions.

This is what we mean that the calls for a convention in the MMD are not being made by genuine members and are deliberately designed to distract and label the MMD as a party that is divided, confused and not at peace.

We know our genuine members and respect their views when they speak. We are not confused about who is with us and who is not. Our positions on many topical issues within our party are informed by principle and a deep sense of knowledge.

The MMD does not have any great memories of the said heavyweights, except what it gave to them and made them to be.

The party truly wishes the former MPs well and hopes that they can settle in the UPND and not continue to make MMD a subject of their business.

We are receiving an encouraging response in the application process for Members of Parliament and Local Government officials.