MMD Disowns Bowman Lusambo

MMD Disowns Bowman Lusambo

We the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) would like to distance the party  from remarks attributed to us in a statement  by suspended MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo, aired on the two news bulletins on Sunday 10th January, 2016. Mr Lusambo in his statement said “Dr. Mwaanga’s statement on vote rigging of elections is careless and must be condemned and is a threat to national security.”

We wish to inform all media houses that  Mr  Lusambo is currently on suspension from all party duties and does not hold any other position in the MMD.  His disciplinary case shall be tabled at the next National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting. Any statement he releases, should be viewed as his own personal opinion, in his personal capacity and in no way represents the official position of the MMD on any matter.

The recent past has witnessed a flurry of media statements from paid people purporting to speak on behalf of the MMD.  This prompted  the MMD Lusaka Provincial leadership to hold a press briefing on Thursday 7th January 2016 to alert  all media houses that all these voices are not current MMD party officials and are being used by enemies of the party. Their credentials should always be verified through the MMD Secretariat before they are entertained by any media house.

MMD is yet to make a statement on this matter as new information is still emerging.

Irene Chiwala Musonda
Communications Director in the Office of the MMD President