Miles Sampa Cries To Join PF Again

Miles Sampa Cries To Join PF Again

Some might call him the PF prodigal son, but in his own words, he has labeled himself as a lad who went “astray” due to emotional and irrational radical decisions which came about as a result of the absence of his “mentor”, Mr. Sata.

I am not being sarcastic at all, these words are exactly a snippet of his official letter to the Patriotic Front in a plea to ask for their forgiveness (which you may cordially find at the bottom of this article).

Miles Sampa is an intriguing character for the liking of alert people like me. Why, you may ask?

Well, he danced with the devil!

Relax, I am not implying that Hakainde Hichilema is in a cult of some sort like most of the dunderheads think. All I am saying is according to PF, all oppositional political parties are devils.

Sorry, I got a little carried away. Lets get back in tandem.

We all go astray, most of us more often than not but what sets Miles apart is that he is in the lime light and when making political moves, it is vital to think strategically and always make sure not to back track on your own words.

Does Miles even have advisors in his inner circle? Kanshi, who advises these people? Its like they just do what they feel like without much thought to it, “at least long term ones”.

I like Miles Sampa, he has a heart for the youth and he is definitely a reckoning force in the Zambian political arena but he is still an infant in politics, he is not strategic and he is too emotional.

Will Edgar Lungu welcome him back into his nest? Will the PF pack whole heartedly except him back? Well Miles be trusted by PF again? Well, that my friends, is your food for thought.

By the way, below is a statement made by Miles Sampa that was published on Mwebantu. Enjoy!


To: The PF President, PF Secretary General(SG), Members of the Central Committee (MCC) and the PF General membership
REF: Rejoining PF

Today I woke up with deep reflection on my recent past. I realize that I went astray. From the date I lost my mentor and father figure, my actions have been irrational and superseded by emotions. I deeply regret it all and marks as a solid lesson.

Despite effort from some senior officials, there was a counter internal stronger force that led me away from a party which is home to me. I walked away from my bonafide political family and my conscience has not been clear since.

In all my past actions, I did not seek God’s intervention. I have since had divine and spiritual engagement with a number Pastors and other people of God who have helped me see my errors of which I take full responsibility.

As I return to where I belong, I neither seek nor expect any position or appointment. All I ask for is your forgiveness.

I further wish to apologize unreservedly to all that I may have injured directly or indirectly in the past or those that may disagree with my current decision. I only wish to be true to myself and to all.

God Bless All and Sincerely Yours,
Miles Sampa
Luke 15:11-32