Meet Zambia’s Self Made Computer Programmer ‘Joseph Mulenga Chipimo’

Meet Zambia’s Self Made Computer Programmer ‘Joseph Mulenga Chipimo’.

In the heart of central-southern Africa, computer programming is the least of what most Zambian people aspire to do. But the fact of the matter is, computer programming is a solution to most of Zambia’s problems. In a country where political leaders rely on jobless youths to cause pandemonium and chaos, a new wave of Zambian tech gurus is on the rise.

Joseph Mulenga Chipimo is the name you should look out for. Against all odds, Chipimo started programming when he was in Zambia at the age of 17. A few years later he was granted a scholarship to study in South Korea where he developed an English Learning app, which won a $1,000 award. Chipimo is also the man behind one of Zambia’s own social networks ‘CrystalChats’.

We couldn’t help it but ask for Chipimo’s story. And here it is, in his own words.

First I am a self-made computer programmer. I started programming when I was 17 in Zambia. The first app I developed was an app for Muvi TV. I thought I could sell the app to Muvi TV but nothing happened.

I then got a scholarship and came to South Korea. In South Korea, the first successful app I made was Crystal Learn, an English teaching app. I received an award for it and a contribution of $1,000 from the school.

After that, I started developing a music website called SoundsBeat, and it took me 3 months to develop. I managed to develop it using the YouTube API to stream music for free but due to copyright issues I stopped developing the site and started a freelance website called was one of the most successful websites I had created; it had more than 300 people joining everyday. WorkLance’s user base grew faster; it had 20,000 registered users within one month. Though the site was good it was hard to manage.

I decided to make SoundsBeat better, I then added a social part to it were people can register and chat with their friends and send music to each other. SoundsBeat then started to get more traffic. But I knew that was not enough.

I came up with a new idea of making a social network since I had already developed part of it from SoundsBeat, I just had modify it and add more features.

I first named the social network ‘Natulande’ then later on I changed it to CrystalChats. CrystalChats got over 1,000 users the first day it was launched.

You can Join CrystalCharts here.



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