Mediocre Lungu Indeed Has No Vision For Zambia – Don’t Be Fooled By His Handwriting

Mediocre Lungu Indeed Has No Vision For Zambia – Don’t Be Fooled By His Handwriting.

Fellow countrymen and women, I am utterly disgusted by President Lungu’s recent remarks about resolving our electricity problem.

I DON’T see why Zambia should begin setting up new power stations if there is surplus energy in South Africa, which can be made available cheaply, says President Edgar Lungu.

President Lungu, who toured the Kusile power station project in Nkangala district of Mpumalanga Province in South Africa while on a three-day state visit to that country, said the government would consider possibilities of importing electricity from South Africa whose power surplus is around 2,000 mega watts.

Minister of Energy David Mabumba, Minister for Presidential Affairs Freedom Sikazwe and Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba, among others, accompanied President Lungu.

“Everyone wants to set up a power station in Zambia and Tanzania and Mozambique but at the end of the day, we are talking of regional integration. [So] I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new power stations if there is surplus energy in South Africa which can be made available cheaply,” President Lungu said.

He said Zambia needed to re-evaluate its plan to construct new power generation plants because sourcing power from South Africa would be a cheaper option.

“My gut feeling now is that we sit down as Zambia and assess whether we need to have so many power plants in Zambia when there is excess energy in the region…Some resources can be excess to the needs of a country like South Africa but they could do for Zimbabwe, they could do for Zambia if we sit down together and see how much they can guarantee that they will produce cheaply at a reasonable price and make available to us,” President Lungu said. “That way, the countries in the region can build their economies faster than they have done in the past.”

This is the most useless analogy I have ever heard in my life. Where is the logic here?

So we get cheap electricity in the meantime then what happens in the future? Why should Zambia depend on South Africa for electricity as if we cant provide electricity for ourselves, I mean we have all the resources.

As Zambians we always want to take the easiest route, we don’t like to plan and strategize.

Ba Lungu with all due respect Sir, please think about the future not just now. If we get cheap electricity from South Africa that wont solve our electricity problem in the long run.

It is imperative for us to pay the price of having OUR own power stations that will be here in Zambia to provide for all Zambians. Its better to spend money and time on reliable power generation stations based here in Zambia, if we do this, we will solve this problem once and for all.

What happens to our electricity supply if for instance we have a dispute with South Africa or God forbid a war breaks out in South Africa?

No ba Lungu, let us make plans that will benefit our children’s children.

My final point is it is better to pay the cost regardless of how much it is to have our very own power generation plants. Zambia is too old to be relying on its neighbors to survive.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned citizen.