Masebo explains decision to cancel ZAWA tender

Masebo explains decision to cancel ZAWA tender.

By Mwaba Chola

SYLVIA Masebo yesterday told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that she did not cancel wildlife hunting concessions but just stopped it.

This is in a case where the former tourism and arts minister is charged with abuse of authority relating to the cancellation of wildlife hunting concessions.

She is alleged to have abused her authority of office by cancelling the tender for the hunting concessions when she was minister.

In her defence before magistrate Ireen Wishimanga, Masebo said she had the power, as minister, to stop the tender due to a Statutory Instrument introduced in the Ministry of Tourism, which was responsible for Zambia Wildlife Authority, a statutory body.

“I didn’t cancel the tender but I stopped it as minister responsible for the Ministry of Tourism and Arts,” Masebo said.

She also said a minister could form or dissolve the board of ZAWA as he or she was there to give guidance.

Asked why she was explaining to president Michael Sata the stopping of the tender, Masebo said she did so because William Harrington alleged that she had cancelled the tender.

And Masebo said a statement by a minister amounted to policy.

She said this when she was asked to state if there was evidence to show that the government authorised her to cancel the tender.

She further said according to a meeting they had with the Inspector General of Police, Ministry of Justice and Vice-President, she was authorised to stop the tender.

Masebo said she was also aware that ZAWA was the only procurement entity that could cancel a tender but it did not do so.

Defence continues.

Source: The Mast